Why Us?

At Carers at Heart, we make time to listen.

Your care plan

Your initial consultation is free and an opportunity to discuss your needs, expectations and preferences. In consultation with you, our Director will design a care plan that ensures all your requirements are met and that you are put at the heart of our service.

Your carer

With your care plan in place, we will search our database for suitable carers. Once Carers at Heart has found an appropriate match, we will contact you for a confidential discussion. If you disapprove of a carer at any time we will happily and quickly find you a replacement.

Your service

You and/or your loved ones will be provided with the service outlined in your care plan. The agreed-upon carer will attend on the day and time you have requested and we will contact you after the service to confirm your needs and expectations have been met. If your service is ongoing, Carers at Heart will consult with you regularly to ensure we continue providing you with the care you deserve.