About Us

Meet the Director

Equipped with an empathetic heart, a degree in Biomedicine and years of experience in the healthcare industry, Marie Rayeroux is passionate about providing the best possible personalised care to people requiring home or community support.

She founded Carers at Heart with one objective in mind: to understand individual needs and design efficient, high quality care plans that will see more people remain active and live independently at home.

Marie has an appreciation for delivering high quality care. She works alongside renowned GPs, specialists, nurses, psychologists and other healthcare providers and is constantly developing innovative ideas aimed at improving her clients’ quality of life.

Sharing Marie’s passion is a team of dedicated and experienced carers, Registered Nurses and Allied Health providers throughout Sydney.

The Carers at Heart team works 24 hours a day, all year round and is committed to active listening and prompt, clear communication. To enquire about our services, please contact us.